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WestJet Christmas Miracle

Watch the video player above to see what happens when WestJet surprises a flight with real-time giving.

The Canadian Airline posted this on their blog about the experiment: In early August, we sat down with our friends at studio m and started brainstorming what giving looked like at its best. We wanted to do something big, exciting and fresh.

Fast forward three months and, with the help of 175 WestJet volunteers, three airports and Santa himself, we made a Christmas miracle happen for more than 250 guests on two Calgary-bound flights.

We know that Santa has a very busy schedule at this time of year, and cant be everywhere.

So we did what WestJetters do best, and helped him spread some Christmas magic to our guests..

WestJet promised they will donate flights to needy families if the advertisement reached 200,000 views on YouTube.

It currently has nearly 1.3 million views.

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