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Alcohol Referendum

Updated: Tuesday, August 5 2014, 07:51 AM EDT
Alcohol Referendum story image
Transylvania County voters will decide in November whether to allow alcohol sales in the county.

Commissioners voted in favor of adding a referendum to the ballot. There will be two choices. One is for malt beverages, and one for unfortified wines. Some towns within the county already allow alcohol sales. But as a whole, Transylvania County is dry.

People took one last chance to be heard about the matter. "It's sad that this has happened and we're very concerned that this is going to fragment those who do deeply care and we are going to see some real issues," says Pastor Randy Barton. "I don't think I'm immoral because I would like to offer my guests a bottle of wine if that's what they want.  I don't think I'm immoral.  I'm just trying to make a living in the county that I love," says Bryan Grosvenor with Key Falls Inn.

Commissioners also appointed a new county manager at the meeting.Alcohol Referendum
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