Audible Crosswalk Signals

Updated: Thursday, August 14 2014, 09:23 AM EDT
Audible Crosswalk Signals story image
Some new devices are going in, to help the visually impaired cross the street safely in Asheville.

Crews are installing audible crosswalk signals. The first ones are at the intersection of Market and College Streets, downtown. They beep constantly to let people know that it's not safe to cross. When the arrow button is pressed and it's safe to walk, it will go silent. That way people who are visually impaired will know the street is clear.
"We're trying to make the street experience, the walking experience, as friendly as we can for everybody, and so they're just as important as everyone else," says Transportation Director, Ken Putnam.

The city says the goal is to get the upgraded pedestrian signals installed at every crosswalk in the downtown area. Audible Crosswalk Signals
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