Child Abuse Plea Bargain

Updated: Monday, August 25 2014, 06:53 PM EDT
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A man is sentenced to two years for seriously injuring his child.

Anthony Bastine was sentenced in Henderson County Monday, following a plea bargain on Felony Child Abuse charges.He could have received a much longer sentence. The maximum could have been seven years, but the judge gave him two because of the plea bargain.

Bastine's wife says that's not enough time. Tyla Bastine says her toddler, Melanie, is now a happy little girl still struggling from her head injuries a year ago. She says 14-month-old Melanie can't talk, can't say "mama" and can't understand what people are saying to her.

Tyla told the court she disagreed with the plea bargain. Tyla says her husband, Anthony Bastine, deserves more time because of two alleged incidents of abuse. She says doctors agree their child may suffer long-term mental disabilities from Shaken Baby Syndrome, even though she recovered physically.

“I do not believe just because she’s healed, it should be any less of a charge. So he did the act, it doesn’t matter what happened, it will never change what he did,” says Tyla.

Anthony Bastine's attorney declined a camera interview. Tyla Bastine says she has filed for divorce, and has sole custody of her daughter.

By: Sherrill BarberChild Abuse Plea Bargain
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