Concerns After Attacks Downtown

Updated: Tuesday, August 12 2014, 07:20 PM EDT
Concerns After Attacks Downtown story image
One man attacks another with a knife in a downtown alley, making two nights in a row of violence.
Police say early Tuesday morning, a man was repeatedly stabbed in Langren Alley, between Broadway and Market Streets. They have not released his name, but they say he's in critical condition at Mission Hospital.
On Monday night, police say a group of five teens attacked a homeless man sleeping on a downtown bench. They smashed a flower pot into his face, seriously injuring him.
People working late at night downtown say the violence is worrying them. A restaurant server who asked us not to use her name, but called herself "Ashley", says, "I've had people at gunpoints, pulled at gunpoint, someone being stabbed so close to our work, it's very scary when I'm walking that way to get to my car you know past this alley twenty times a day."
City officials say police patrols keep the city safe, and people are much safer on well-lit city streets before midnight. But they say after midnight, violent attacks are more likely. They say homeless people are often victimized if they sleep outside.

By: Sherrill BarberConcerns After Attacks Downtown
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