Family Angry DA Allowing Murder Plea

Updated: Friday, August 15 2014, 07:43 AM EDT
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The family of 43-year-old murder victim Lynn Jones spoke to News 13 Wednesday night angry and frustrated with news from the District Attorney's office that prosecutors will not move forward with a first-degree murder trial against her husband Brian.

Lynn was found strangled wrapped in a sleeping bag and tarp with a t-shirt covering her face December 4, 2014. Her husband who confessed he killed his wife has told investigators he was on meth. Because of that and other evidentiary issues, Lynn's family says two prosecutors who met with them said they plan to offer Brian Jones a plea-bargain of 2nd-degree murder. The family will wait for the next court date in September to see if the DA does do this.

"It gets me right in the heart," said Richard Friedrich, Lynn's father. "I  knew this was going happen. I  knew it. I had a bad feeling when they asked us to come down that that's what they were going to tell us."

"I'm angry because he's basically getting away with murder," said Ginny Morris, Lynn's niece. Morris said she told the prosecutor about a prior incident involving Brian strangling Lynn on a short vacation to Tennessee several weeks prior, when the police were called.

"The DA we spoke to knew nothing about it," said Morris. "The one didn't even say anything at all to us. I feel they don't care, they were very casual about the news, and said that was the decision because of lack of evidence for prove pre-meditation."

Bea Moody, Lynn's sister feels if investigators with the Buncombe County Sheriff's Department had been more thorough with their investigation into Brian and what led up to Lynn's murder, that pre-meditation could have been supported by evidence they could have uncovered. Moody described what she was told how her sister was found.

"If someone puts a t-shirt over someone's face and kills them, strangled them, he didn't want to see her face when she died, how could that not be pre-meditated," said Moody. "He had seven minutes to decide if he wanted to kill her or not and he decided to take her away from us."

Lynn's niece is aware family members didn't learn Lynn was missing until a month after it's suspected she was murdered by her husband.

"My aunt was a workaholic," said Ginny Morris, Lynn's niece. "I texted to Brian November 7th,  the day after she was last seen at work, and said I want to talk to Lynn, please have her call me, he wrote back she was working late until 10. I believed him." Later in the month Morris said she texted again but didn't hear back. The family's suspicions were growing.  Lynn's body was discovered December 4th.  The Buncombe County Sheriff's office responded to the family's accusations about detective work saying "We sympathize with Lynn Jones' family over their loss and with their frustrations.  Our office worked the crime scene, the investigation, obtained a confession and made the arrest.  But the decision what criminal charges a suspect will face rests with the district attorney."

The Buncombe county District Attorney Ron Moore, said he could not comment on the case but said a change in the law has allowed for longer sentences for suspects charged with 2nd-degree murder with jail times lasting over two decades. Still Lynn's family feels Brian will feel the victor avoiding murder one charges which was the original charge he was faced

by Kimberly King
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