Madison World Series Softball Champs

Updated: Thursday, September 18 2014, 02:16 PM EDT
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For the players, it's still so surreal. Madison County, Babe Ruth 16 and Under Softball champions.

Did that really happen Monday night? "And we got home it was like wow, we actually did it you know," says catcher Brooke Vilcinskas.

Vilcinskas, back in the home dugout with teammates including MVP pitcher Samantha Gosnell.  "We have this trophy here and it's still just like, it don't feel real," says MVP pitcher Samantha Gosnell.
The big trophy is a reminder, but it's not like they really need to be reminded.   

"This is my last year playing Babe Ruth so it feels really good," says shortstop Lexi Ammons.

On Monday night in Pittsfield, Massachusetts they beat a tough team from California, 5-2.

"We've kind of taken steps. We won the southeast regional a couple of years ago," says coach Jeff Loven. "And now to take it in and win the World Series is a crowning achievement, especially for these seniors."

Playing with confidence, to match their talent. "More confidence than ever because we had Sam," says outfielder Samantha Anders. "She's a great pitcher and our defense is awesome, and our offense."
Afterwards, we see the team photos that drive home how they climbed that mountain, together as a team.

Coach Jeff Loven says it took a group of special individuals to pull it off. Especially after losing a game in the series. "It was exciting to see the kids bounce back," coach Loven says. "They could have laid down and given up but they fought even harder."

"It was an atmosphere unlike what they'll ever play in again," Loven tells us. "So hopefully they enjoyed it and have some great memories."   

There's a celebration planned Friday at 6 pm at the Madison Softball Field. The public is invited to come and meet the championship team and their coaches.

By: John Le
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