Massive Drug Raid

Updated: Friday, August 22 2014, 07:26 AM EDT
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More than 20 people are arrested after drug complaints from a mountain fitness center. Mitchell County authorities rounded up the individuals today during Operation Blue Thunder.

The arrests come after an eight month joint investigation and investigators hope today's bust sends a message to the community, that drugs are not wanted in Mitchell County.

Authorities say Mitchell County is like any other county in the state.

Sheriff Donald Street says, "We got a bad drug problem. For every person we got out there, there is somebody out there to the their place."

So attempts to stop the abuse are underway, 21 people were busted today for selling drugs in Operation Blue Thunder.

Chief Bill Summerlin, Spruce Pine Police Department, "we're just trying to get this off the street. If we get these folks off the street for just a few days then we feel like we've done something good."

The Sheriff's Office office teamed up with the Spruce Pine and Bakersville Police Departments. SBI agents and Federal authorities were also involved in the round up.

"For the most part what we're having to deal with is prescription medications."

During their 8 month long investigation investigators say they were sold prescription pills, meth and steroids. As a part of Operation Blue Thunder, 10 vehicles and other property were seized.

"We are going to continue working and we will continue arresting people and hopefully the convictions will start coming and these people slow down a little bit."

All 21 people are facing drug trafficking charges. Investigators plan to have more operations in the future.Massive Drug Raid
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