Medical Marijuana Debate

Updated: Tuesday, August 19 2014, 07:29 PM EDT
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News 13 is conducting a Your Voice/Your Future Town Hall meeting on Marijuana laws this Thursday at the WNC Ag Center.  It's an issue that got the attention of lawmakers this year in the General Assembly. 

North Carolina passed a law allowing the use of hemp oil to treat certain cases of epilepsy.  A bill was also introduced this year to place medical marijuana on a November ballot.

Supporters of medical marijuana believe all forms of marijuana should be approved for medical use.  Right now, only T.H.C. in the pill form and limited T.H.C. oil use is allowed in North Carolina. 

Some people like Steve Marlowe believe the medical properties are unlimited.  Marlowe says, "the marijuana helped balance out enzymes in my wife's liver."  Jean Marlowe suffered from a rare liver disorder and died last year. 

But opponents of medical marijuana believe it's a slippery slope.  Dr. Carl Mumpower says, "our culture is being conned to believe marijuana is an innocent drug.  It's not an innocent drug and it's highly addictive."  He says it's a gateway to other things. 

The debate will take center stage at 7:30 pm for Thursday's town hall which airs live on

By: Frank Fraboni
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