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Updated: Thursday, August 21 2014, 07:19 AM EDT
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(UPDATE 8/21/14): A doctor's office destroyed by a fire earlier this month, has a new temporary location. Click here for more information.
Firefighters say they know where the fire started that gutted a doctor's office early Monday morning.
They rolled up to an intense fire on the first floor, where that deck had already burned to the ground. They tried to put out that interior fire, but it quickly burst through the ceiling and then through the roof. The Biltmore Family Medicine building on Saint Dunstains Road was gutted, and firefighters say it's a complete loss. No one was injured.
Investigators say the building had a deck on the back side of the building. They spent most of the day, sifting through embers. They say they're not sure what may have set the deck on fire.
Kelley Klope, Asheville Fire Department Spokeswoman says, "our investigators are looking at that area of origin, right there by that deck.  So, 3:30 in the morning, you know we do have to take everything into consideration, everything, what could have started this fire, and that's why we ask the public if they noticed anything suspicious, or anything they need to tell us, they can notify the Asheville Fire Department."
Dr. Robert Anderson tells News 13 that Biltmore Family Medicine will be closed for a few days, but the practice will re-open. Dr. Anderson wants his patients to know that they do not need to change doctors and that emergencies can be handled at the area's urgent care facilities. Patient records are stored off-site, so no information was lost in the fire. Patients can see updates posted on the practice's Facebook page. Biltmore Family Medicine patients can see updates posted on the practice's Facebook page, just click here.

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