Mellow Mushroom Anniversary

Updated: Wednesday, August 20 2014, 07:02 PM EDT
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Customers at an Asheville eatery got a big surprise today. Forty-year-old prices to celebrate their anniversary.

 The Mellow Mushroom wanted to celebrate their 40th anniversary in a big way. They declared this "Way Back Wednesday," adopting 1974 prices on Pizzas, beer and Coca-Cola. That's $2.50 for a small cheese pizza, or 75 cents for a P.B.R. and 30 cents for a coke.

It's their way of saying thanks for years of growth for the restaurant chain. "We started off in Georgia back in 1974, naturally. And since then, we grew from being just a few stores in the chain back in the 90's all the way  up to over 170 stores in the chain now," says Owner Gerry Mahon.

Mahon says there was a line out the door before they opened at 11 this morning, and he expects it'll stay that way until they close later tonight.Mellow Mushroom Anniversary
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