Moratorium On Renaming Roads

Updated: Thursday, August 21 2014, 09:48 AM EDT
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One mountain county has put a stop to residents petitioning to rename local roadways until the winter.

Wednesday morning Henderson County commissioners voted to put a 120 moratorium on renaming area roads and streets. Officials said they'll take that time to rethink the current policy, and possibly put more specific guidelines in place for residents looking to put a new name on a local road.

The moratorium comes after there was a run on renaming petitions recently, with six filed by residents since February. Normally, county planning staff say they'll receive one or two each year.

County Manager Steve Wyatt says there are some concerns as more residents are putting in for new road names. These concerns include keeping 911 address records constantly updated and also the potential hassle for other residents on the street, who would have to officially for a change of address.

By: Ashlea Surles
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Moratorium On Renaming Roads
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