New Business to Bring Boost to Farmers

Updated: Thursday, August 7 2014, 07:14 PM EDT
New Business to Bring Boost to Farmers story image
A new business is moving into the mountains, offering a process that could increase the amount of food farmers can produce.

Agribusiness in Henderson is partnering with an Israeli agricultural company called Tri-Hishtil. The company says this partnership will bring about 125 jobs to the local economy.

It uses plant grafting methods that allow farmers to grow annuals, such as tomatoes and watermelons, that need fewer chemicals to ward off crop-killing diseases. Agribusiness officials point out that grafted plants are not genetically modified, and use their own natural resistance to disease.

Mark Williams, Agribusiness Henderson County, "utilize the growing abilities of that new plant, that grafted plant, which requires much less chemicals, produces much better yields, much better for the environment, but in return, may cost more, but the overall return on that investment is great."

Tri-Hishtil is currently producing 80-million grafted plants annually in six countries.

Tri-Hishtil purchased 42 acres off Highway 191 in Mills River for its Henderson County headquarters.

By: Sherrill Barber
New Business to Bring Boost to Farmers
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