New Supper Club Coming to Asheville

Updated: Friday, August 22 2014, 01:28 AM EDT
New Supper Club Coming to Asheville story image
Have you notice huge brown stacked containers along riverside drive just up from The By-Water?

A new restaurant supper club with greenspace and a huge outdoor patio along French Broad is what's going in.

It will be one of the most unique destinations in town seating more than 100 diners, with room for more patrons outside.

It has views straight out on the French Broad. 19 huge industrial steel containers make up the restaurant. 

Construction began at the end of February and continues this summer on the multi-million dollar project.

The menu will be comprised of special wood-fired entrees and appetizers. Much of the food will be vegetable based, along with other entrees.

by Kimberly King Follow Kim on Twitter @KimKingReportsNew Supper Club Coming to Asheville
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