Rabid Kitten Warning

Updated: Tuesday, September 2 2014, 07:18 PM EDT
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Henderson County residents living near the Hunters Lane area are being warned about the threat of rabies.

A resident living on Steeplechase Court found a sick kitten that tested positive for rabies.  At least 7 people are now being treated after coming in contact with the infected cat.

The kitten was discovered just over a week ago and taken to Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital.  Doctors there say it's the first time in more than 25 years they've had a rabid animal come into their hospital.  They euthanized the kitten after it did not respond to medication and began developing seizures.  Doctors suspected rabies and contacted Animal Control which sent it off for testing.  Results came back positive Friday, triggering a countywide effort involving the Health Department, Henderson County Sheriff's Office and Animal Control Services.

Residents within a half mile radius were contacted directly by deputies, alerting them of the dangers and what to look out for.  Residents within a one mile radius were contacted through a reverse 911 phone call.  The sheriff's office says anyone spotting a suspicious looking domestic or wild animal should contact them immediately.  They also warn against feeding stray cats or other wild animals which could put you directly in danger of becoming infected.

By Frank Fraboni
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