Rare Fox Recorded

Updated: Tuesday, August 26 2014, 07:13 PM EDT
Rare Fox Recorded story image
A Henderson County man claims he captured video of a strange hairless fox. He posted the video on YouTube and sent News 13 a link. He says he captured it on his trail cam in Henderson County.

News 13 shared it with experts at the Western North Carolina Nature Center. They say it's a Sampson Red Fox, that is actually not all that uncommon. "It has a genetic mutation that doesn't allow it to grow these guard hairs. So what you're seeing is only the soft under part hairs and it kind of makes it look like it has no hair at all," says Chris Gentile, WNC Nature Center Director.

Gentile says the fox gets its Sampson name from the biologist that first identified the mutation.Rare Fox Recorded
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