Rash Of Break-Ins

Updated: Friday, August 15 2014, 07:35 PM EDT
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Haywood County investigators are looking for leads to solve a rash of break-ins this summer. They say thieves have ripped off five homes along Ratcliff Cove Road since June.

One resident says they broke into his home and workshop stealing $30,000 worth of valuable guns, jewelry, and tools.

"I had a lot of guns that was antique guns and my grandparent's and my daddy's. So, I would like to get them back," says Ronnie Hyatt who was away camping last weekend when the thieves hit his house and workshop.

Doug Edwards says some of his woodworking equipment was stolen. "You hear about people that's been broke into in their homes before and how they feel like they've been violated and it's a sickening feeling for a while."

The sheriff's office says the break-ins often happen when residents are away or on vacation. "If you're not there, close your windows up and lock your doors and just be aware of your surroundings and what's going on in your neighborhood," says Detective Tony Cope.

Cope thinks the suspects live in the area and there's more than one involved. He says it's wise to record serial numbers of valuable items and take pictures of them. And he says consider putting some valuables in safe deposit boxes to protect yourself.

Both Hyatt and Edwards are adding security measures as well like alarms and cameras.

If you have any information, contact the Haywood County Sheriff's Office.

By: Rex Hodge
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Rash Of Break-Ins
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