Reality Check: Graffitti Removal Plan

Updated: Wednesday, August 13 2014, 06:55 PM EDT
Reality Check: Graffitti Removal Plan story image
The City of Asheville is telling folks that if you're tagged with graffiti, they'll help pay to clean it up.

It's part of the city's 1-2-3 Graffiti Free 90-day program that kicked off in July. But so far there hasn't been a lot of participation. The city has a $300,000 budget for the clean-up program, and halfway through has only spend 5% of that.
"They may feel like the amount of graffiti on their property will cost more than $500 to remove, but it may not, so we would ask them to call in or to get on the Asheville app and to let us know," says Cathy Ball with the Asheville Planning Department.Reality Check: Graffitti Removal Plan
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