Remembering Matt Auten

Updated: Friday, August 22 2014, 07:30 AM EDT
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A Swannanoa man drowns on the South Carolina coast, but rescues his son before going under.

Beaufort, South Carolina, authorities say 45-year-old Matt Auten died Tuesday night.

His friends and family say Auten was a talented guitarist and songwriter, leaving behind two notable albums and a lot of memories from people who heard him perform and knew him as a friend.

Colin O'Brien, "he was content, I think, with smaller venues, house concerts, concerts at small churches, and I think he never wanted to sell himself to the mass market, and think that was part of his appeal."

Colin O'Brien first met Matt Auten at Black Mountain's radio station WMIT and became fond of Matt's low key delivery.  Colin and wife, Cathy, were close friends with Matt, his wife, and his two sons.  Colin and Matt founded the Asheville Trip Carpentry business together.  Later, Matt started his own contracting business.  He was a lighthearted carpenter, surprising Colin on his 50th birthday.

"He built a tombstone for me, and put it out in my front yard, so when I came home from work, it was like, 'you're over the hill, man, here's your tombstone', that was something he built for me, and I won't forget it."

Cathy O'Brien, Matt Auten's friend, "it was that seriousness and silliness all put together that made him such a marvelous friend, and marvelous father, and it just makes this so devastating, that he would, in the end, sacrifice his life for his sons."

Services for Matt Auten will be held in Moooresville, North Carolina.

Donations to help the family can be made to the Christ Community Church in Montreat. Click here for more information. Remembering Matt Auten
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