Resurfacing Highway 74A

Updated: Friday, August 15 2014, 07:35 PM EDT
Resurfacing Highway 74A story image
Work began Friday to resurface a 2-mile section of Highway 74A near Minehole Gap, to bring added safety to a stretch of road drivers have called dangerous.

The area came to the attention of DOT engineers last year following the death of toddler who died in an accident on the highway.  Residents in the area complained the road was unsafe.  The DOT responded by lowering the speed limit to 45.  This week they began a resurfacing project.  Division Construction Engineer Rick Tipton says, "it's a rougher surface that gives drivers more traction."

The DOT says recent skid tests did not reveal any problems with the highway surface. But out of an abundance of caution they elected to apply a newer surface that should provide a safer drive. Officials say the resurfacing part of the project should be completed in a few days and won't interfere with the opening of school next week.

By Frank Fraboni
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