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Updated: Monday, August 4 2014, 08:05 AM EDT
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Celebrating the craft beer industry at the newest brewery in the mountains.  About 4,500 people attended the southeast edition of Beer Camp Across America at Sierra Nevada, Sunday. 

The California company is opening the Mills River operation to handle East Coast production and distribution. Sierra Nevada Brewing's Ryan Arnold says, "to have a place that we designed after 35 years of lessons out in Chico, it's nice to see a cohesive thing come to life and have thousands of people come out and support the first chance to see it."

One hundred and ten craft brewers from seven southern states poured samples all afternoon.  Many who operate local breweries say the new Sierra Nevada presence can only help everybody.  "It puts us as the epicenter of craft brewing on the East Coast, by volume, which is awesome on so many levels," says Joe Rowland of Nantahala Brewing, "not just in terms of enthusiasm, but in terms of suppliers coming here, and the number of jobs that are being created."

Sunday's festival in Mills River brings the Beer Camp Across America summer tour to a close. Sierra Nevada's public tours and tastings are expected to begin sometime in September.  

By: Frank Kracher
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