Reality Check: Stop Arm Violators Caught on Camera

Updated: Tuesday, August 26 2014, 06:55 PM EDT
Reality Check: Stop Arm Violators Caught on Camera story image
Buncombe County schools began cracking down on stop arm violators Tuesday after adding new cameras to several of its 261 school buses. 

The new cameras capture cars passing buses that have their stop arms extended.  The first violator captured this school year was reported to the North Carolina Highway Patrol Tuesday morning.

Bus transportation officials say an estimated 120 stop arm violations occur daily in Buncombe County based on their annual stop arm count.  They say the number has been rising in recent years due to an increased number of drivers texting and driving.  The NC Department of Public Instruction says 13 students have died since 1998 because of stop arm violations. 

The state is now providing funding for two stop arm cameras this year for every school district in the state.   They say additional funds are expected to be freed up in the future to provide more cameras while some school districts are using local funds to add the cameras. 

By Frank Fraboni
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