Teacher Salary Challenges

Updated: Thursday, August 7 2014, 07:15 PM EDT
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Some experienced North Carolina teachers are unhappy with the new Teacher Salary Schedule, signed into law under this year's state budget.  They say it rolls teacher longevity pay into their base pay and leaves some of them with pay raises that don't keep pace with inflation.

Gerald Buchanan is a 24-year teacher and says, "nothing is more important to a student's education than a motivated teacher.  And nothing is more sad than being an experienced teacher who's been dumped on again and again who is unmotivated."

Legislators say the pay scale is not the most favorable to experienced teachers but everyone still gets a pay increase.  They say the new salaries will lift North Carolina in teacher pay compared to other states and will set us on a course to continue to make improvements.

By Frank Fraboni
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