Violent Storms Rock Buncombe County

Updated: Monday, September 8 2014, 08:26 AM EDT
Violent Storms Rock Buncombe County story image

Late afternoon storms swept across the mountains on Monday bringing severe weather and leaving behind some significant damage.

An isolated spot in Buncombe County was hardest hit. Winds toppled trees in this neighborhood right off Weaverville Road in Woodfin.

"It started raining really hard, and then I heard the wind coming, and the trees were going every which way, they weren't just going one way, they were going around and around," Linda English, a Woodfin resident said.

People say the gusting wind was awesome and frightening.

The clean-up is underway, and is a big mess to clear off roads and out of yards.

Pine Burr Park Baptist Church took the brunt of the violent burst. The wind peeled sections of sheet metal roofing peeled right off. The force sent them flying across the street.

Down the road at Fast Lane Auto Sales, one car parked out back was totaled by another falling tree. A trailer to haul other cars was also damaged.
Just after the storm blew through, about 1,000 customers were reporting power outages, mostly in this part of Buncombe County.

Violent Storms Rock Buncombe County
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