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Updated: Tuesday, October 8 2013, 09:44 AM EDT
More and more patients are turning to an alternative therapy when conventional medicine has failed to cure cancer.  As News 13's Jay Siltzer shows us in today's Health Alert, aromatherapy can provide relief and relaxation in the last days.

What Lynnora Bierce brings into this hospice patient room at CarePartners solace isn't what you'd expect.

Lynnora Bierce, CarePartners Aromatherapist, "it is for real; it's based on chemicals really."

Aroma therapy has become popular with 58-year-old cancer patient Rosie Halapin for pain relief and more, "the frankensense is great for the mental acuity." Rosie wants her last days to be good days, and scents from oils help when mixed with water and dispersed as mist.  

Rosie Halapin, solace patient, "if I'm having digestive distress, I like peppermint, spearmint."

Lynnora, "there are some scents that are really good for sleeping like lavender."

Rosie, "you're breathing in these essence and it seems to go through and you can feel it relaxing the whole body."

Patients say aromatherapy gives them more control during their last days.  All the while, aroma therapists insist the scents are used sparingly and do not interfere with conventional care and treatments.

Aroma-therapists receive training.  Lynnora says she expects state certification to eventually be required.Aromatherapy

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