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Go Pink Night

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
It is more than a night of baseball this week in Forest City, it's also time to celebrate cancer survivors. 

And, as News 13's Jay Siltzer reports in our Health Alert, the opportunity to save additional lives.

The Forest City Owls summer league team is going to bat against breast cancer.

Breast cancer survivor Pam Jones has recruited the Owls to play with pink bats and in pink jerseys Saturday night, the gear will be auctioned for charity.

Jamie Ingraham, RN, Rutherford Regional, "the money goes into the Rutherford Regional Health Foundation and 100 percent of those dollars go into helping women with those mammograms who can't afford them."

Health officials say about one in 5 images at the mammography place has an abnormality.
Sometimes, it's breast cancer, something all too personal for the team which has grown close to the cause and Pam.

Pam Jones, breast cancer survivor, "it brought tears to my eyes that I could make an impact on those boys... They were like my grandmother, my aunt."

An evening at the park reminds everyone they're affected and should give a hoot.

Jeremy Boler, Owls General Manager, "it's gonna be just to have a great night and have a lot of ladies there, lot of people there to support this cause, and hopefully they get , obviously, just raise as much money and awareness as possible for them... So they can help as many people in this county as possible."

Again, the benefit game is Saturday night, June 15th. The first pitch is at 7:30 at McNair field. Tickets can be bought for as little as $6. Go Pink Night

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