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High School CPR Training

Updated: Monday, October 28 2013, 04:08 PM EDT
Local high school students now have a set of skills that may enable them to save a life.

Ninth graders from Carolina Day School took part in a CPR training class at Mission Health.

The hands on learning teaches them how to protect each other at school, but also enables them to take their skills out to the community.

Organizers say this training is so important because North Carolina has a less than 8-percent survival rate.

Dana Blake, RN, MSN, Mission Health, "80-percent of the time that you would have to use CPR is on a loved one.  A lot of people when out at festivals and things they say "oh I'm busy I don't wanna hear that information" but when you tell them 80-percent of the time you use CPR is on a loved one they stop and they listen."

In 2014, it will become a law that every high school in the state knows how to do CPR by graduation.High School CPR Training

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