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Hip Surgical Tools

Updated: Friday, December 6 2013, 11:18 AM EST
A local orthopedic surgeon is getting hip replacement patients back on their feet quicker and with less pain.

But as News 13's Jay Siltzer shows us, the doctor literally made the tools to do it.

"I had been limping for several years"

That's hard to believe when you consider 77-year-old Fred Brown has been doing yoga for 40 years.

Still, he recently underwent right anterior hip replacement.  But without having muscles cut because his physician helped design tools to reach the joint.

Dr. Amal Das with Southeastern Sports Medicine says doctors inventing their own instruments is actually quite common. The goal with Mr. Brown's procedure was to not cut the muscle, making recovery faster and easier.

Now, Fred is back in his studio in flat rock as a yoga instructor, "there was an emotional and mental elation that came with this new freedom; it's like I put down a 50-pound backpack that I'd been carrying for years."  "My mobility in that hip is now better than it ever has been."

And there's only minimal scarring to show for it because of the anterior approach.

Doctor Das shares credit for designing the surgical instruments with Dr. Brian Seng, who's also an orthopedic surgeon.    Hip Surgical Tools

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