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Hospice Bed Increase

Updated: Monday, October 28 2013, 04:08 PM EDT
A hospice here in the mountains has expanded.  CarePartners Solace in Asheville now has 25 beds compared to its previous 20.

The additional beds will allow more people to receive inpatient, end-of-life care that requires a doctor's attention.

Previously, the facility was often at capacity, further stressing caregivers.

Patrice Brevard, caregiver, "three family members in 4 years. It would have been more difficult if our family family had not been able to access this facility. So, having more beds may give more opportunities for people and families such as ours."

Joanne Ford, RN, Solace director, "with the 5 new beds here, we will have the ability to provide high-level symptom management to people in the last 6 months of their life."

The approval for additional beds took 18 months and ultimately came from the state.Hospice Bed Increase

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