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Hospice Honored

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:17 PM EDT
National recognition, for a local hospice facility.

As News 13's Jay Siltzer explains at Carepartners Solace, the focus is not limited to the patient.

Lauren Stafford, caregiver, "I just have a lot of assurance when I'm not here that she's being taken care of well."

Lauren Stafford talks about her mother whose battle with cancer is ending at Carepartners Solace in Asheville.

"Having a terminal diagnosis is hard on anyone, but she is as comfortable as possible."

Patient care helps explain why the facilty is recognized as a top 100 hospice based on family satisfaction surveys compiled by the Deyta Corporation.

Joanne Ford, RN, Carepartners Solace Director, "it's an honor to have the family say they felt we provided superior care to family members at a most difficult time."

Lauren, "I can go home after being here all day and get rest; I'm not attentive to her 24 hours a day... So it helps me maintain balance."

So does the fact Solace services aren't just for the patient.

Joanne, "the family feeling cared for along with the patient is one of our goals.  Emotional, spiritual, psycho-social pain requires a relationship to help navigate."

That way peace surrounds a patient in the final days while giving relatives lasting comfort.Hospice Honored

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