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Hospital Cleanliness

Updated: Tuesday, November 5 2013, 07:54 PM EST

Many of us grew up hearing the saying: "cleanliness is next to godliness." For hospitals, hygiene is the bottom line for patient safety, satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

Bart Boeckler inspects patient rooms for cleanliness all the time at Park Ridge Health.

"We focus on the things you don't see, dusting, looking at the corners of the floor, edges," said Boeckler.

 Park Ridge continuously ranks among the cleanest hospitals in the state.

"The cleanliness is above reproach if you ask me. I'm in construction in Florida, so we do remodels with hospitals and facilities and I think everything going well here is exactly what we'd want to see from both sides of the house," said Lance Simons, one of the patient's relatives.

"It is the very beginning of health care. Cleanliness is making sure people don't acquire things while they are here," said Boeckler.

Cleaning a room isn't quick. Turning it over from one patient to the next typically takes about an hour. Once the patient is in the room, cleaning still occurs three times a day.

"It makes for a happier patient more at home and more at ease which helps them heal quicker," said Boeckler.

Hospital Cleanliness

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