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Lyme Disease Support Group

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
It's a first-of-its kind support group for people in Western North Carolina who have been bitten by ticks and contracted Lyme disease.    

Most of these participants were bitten years ago.

Initially, they were either untreated, misdiagnosed, or unsuccessful responding to antibiotics, which is rare.

For them, the disease is debilitating.

Adrianna Henderson, 15 years old, "I have joint pain everywhere... Every joint in my body hurts all the time... I have leg seizures. I have headaches."

Kristie Yutzy, Lyme disease sufferer, "anybody can get Lyme disease. Anybody can be affected. Chances are you can throw a stone and hit someone who has had or does have Lyme disease."

The group has a website to raise awareness about the disease and the dangers of ticks.

Click here for a direct link. Lyme Disease Support Group

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