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Menu Overhaul

Updated: Tuesday, August 20 2013, 08:34 AM EDT
The largest health provider in Western North Carolina wants to make sure employees care for themselves as diligently as they do their patients.

As News 13's Jay Siltzer reports, that is one reason the cafeteria food just got an overhaul.

Eating at work can pay off.  Jennifer Kerley, RN, Mission Cardiology Nurse Mgr., "before April, I was around 297 pounds."

Jennifer says she's lost more than 40 pounds in four months due, in part, to a menu change at the Mission Hospital cafeteria in Asheville.

Chris Aquilino, Mission System Exec. Chef, "what we've done is the painstaking process of removing the french fries and the chicken tenders and all of the fryers in the building and replacing them with freshly baked alternatives."

Jennifer, "so when I go through the cafeteria line, I can the screens on the monitors and see how many calories I'm getting and I have an app on my phone to calculate my calories for the day."

Chris, "we've increased the whole grain in our foods to 20 to 30 percent. We have reduced the sodium in all of our cooking."

Mission chefs hope healthier choices in the cafeteria translate into healthier eating at home.

Chris, "the concept is to really take what we do for our patients and caregivers and guests and teach them while they are eating."

Jennifer, "I've picked up lots of ideas from the cafeteria like the kenwah salad, one of my favorite things, I can make at home."Menu Overhaul

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