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MRI Goggles

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
Imaging can be very difficult for small children required to be still.

The anxiety can sometimes spread to parents, and lead to sedation for the child.

As News 13's Jay Siltzer shows us in today's Health Alert, something as simple as a pair of goggles is making the experience better for everyone.

Having a puppet simulate getting an MRI can calm some children's fears before the procedure, but these goggles are making magnetic resonance imaging easier than ever at Mission Children's in Asheville.

The goggles were paid for by a grant, costing more than $44,000. The reason they're so expensive: No metal components. But, once a child has them on, he or she can watch videos while getting the procedure.

Amy Fisher, Mission Child-Life Specialist, "we have a lower rate of sedation because of the goggles, e are able to use the goggles to help them hold still instead of doing an IV and sedation medicine."

5-year-old cancer survivor Brooklyn Morawietz routinely requires MRIs, the new option makes a big difference.

Brittany Morawietz, Brooklyn's mom, "she just went right in there, a little bit nervous at first, she laid on the table put on the movie goggles and did amazing."

Amy Fisher, "all of the unsedated scans with the goggles have been very successful thus far."

Brittany Morawietz, "she's already talking about coming back next time bringing her own movie and when she hopped up on the table that was so cool."

A grant from the Berger Foundation to the Mission Foundation paid for the goggles.

Few facilities in the country have them.MRI Goggles

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