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Neo-Natal Nurse Practitioners

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:17 PM EDT
Newborns with unexpected health complications now have added care at one hospital here in the mountains.

Park Ridge Health has now added two neo-natal nurse practitioners to its newborn care team.

Diane Duffy, neonatal nurse practitioner, "it's basically the same role the hospitalist or MD would provide, but our role also includes nursing education and nursing support."

Neonatal nurse practitioners guide parents through newborn care and needs.

That refresher is important for Gena Knight who has gone 18 years between births.

Previously, she relied on RN's, rather than NNP's.

Gena Knight, new mom, "they seem to be more in tune with aiding the mother and child and the bonding experience...and breast feeding and any issues that arise there, right there."

Teri McDonald, neonatal nurse practitioner, "it's a really wonderful opportunity for the hospital to expand its services and provide top-notch care for its littlest patients."

NNP's have specialized training to stabilize and resuscitate newborns in distress.

More and more smaller hospitals across the country are adding the practitioners to supplement and improve their birthing staff.Neo-Natal Nurse Practitioners

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