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Pardee Ranking

Updated: Wednesday, September 25 2013, 09:08 PM EDT
Consumer reports magazine has given Pardee Hospital in Hendersonville the highest surgery rating of any hospital in North Carolina.

Dr. Robert Kiskaddon, Pardee Chief Medical Officer, "I think in the same way people judge the quality of products they buy, it gives them the opportunity to judge their healthcare in a similar format."

This month's issue ranks hospitals in all 50 states.   The survey factored in everything from patient safety during surgery, to infection rates, to recovery.

Gail Garren, RN, Pardee Quality Services Dir., "we're having wonderful outcomes.  We are meeting the benchmarks and standards set forth and are exceeding the benchmarks."

Dr. Stuart Glassman, surgeon, "this is a team effort for everybody working together to make our patients feel safe and comfortable and have very good results."

Dr. Ed Lilly, orthopedic surgeon, "you don't need to travel to get some of the best outcomes in surgery that you can get anywhere."

Still, some doctors at Pardee admit the ranking came as a pleasant surprise. Pardee Ranking

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