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Reducing Icy Falls

Updated: Thursday, December 12 2013, 01:12 PM EST
The official start of winter is still 10 days away, but recent wintry weather has already taken its toll locally on some people's health.

Lori Hart, PT, Pardee Health, "we see lot of people go out on the ice, slip and fall break a hip, twist an ankle, break an ankle. Some people fall and hit their head on the ice."

Many of those injuries during ice, sleet or snow can be prevented.  It simply takes a combination of planning, caution  and common sense.  Staying inside, though, is not always possible, even for the elderly.

Lori, "if they are going to go out, we recommend they put a cell phone in the pocket so if they fall they don't remain outside in the winter weather with no one aware of their whereabouts."

Experts say healing from almost any icy injury takes at least six weeks.Reducing Icy Falls

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