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Remote Fetal Monitoring

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:17 PM EDT
Moms in labor at one area hospital no longer need to be in bed tethered to monitors.
As News 13's Jay Siltzer reports in today's Health Alert, the freedom to move around makes for easier deliveries.
McDowell Hospital offers remote electronic fetal monitoring for expecting mothers.
Kim Shomaker, expectant mom, "it's much nicer not to just be sticking in the bed the whole time. I'm able to get up and move around, even exercise on a birthing ball."
Dr. Andrea Moore, Mcdowell OB/GYN, "we do find that increased movement during labor actually increases mom's comfort level and actually helps the labor process."
The number in red: The baby's heart rate; the number in green the contraction intensity the mother is experiencing. They form a pattern, which doctors study this to determine if some sort of intervention might be necessary.
So far those numbers are down because increased movement is allowing more moms to deliver vaginally.
Later this year, doctors from home or the office will be able to monitor expectant mothers.
The device is FDA approved. 

By Jay Silter
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