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Rural Baby Care

Updated: Tuesday, August 27 2013, 10:09 PM EDT
Living in a rural area can make it difficult for pregnant women to choose where to give birth.

As News 13's Jay Siltzer reports, upgrades at one hospital have made the decision a little easier for one expectant mom.  

Labor and delivery staff members at MedWest Harris in Sylva have practiced and now deliver high-flow oxygen to newborns struggling with respiratory issues.

Vanessa Lambert, RT, MedWest Harris, "so, in this circumstance the mother would be able to pick up the child, breastfeed, hold the child, connect with the baby."

All the while, the newborn would continue receiving life-saving oxygen while potentially avoiding transfer to another facility.

Bruce Moyle, respiratory therapy director, "this is just another element our staff can use to take care of them closer to home."

Sara Crawford, expectant mom, "I find great comfort knowing that what my son will need, he will have here."

Expectant mom Sara Crawford says the added technology reinforced her decision to deliver in this rural facility.

Whenever you come here to the department, you will get checked in at the front desk.

More than 500s birth occur here every year.  Soon, the labor, delivery and postpartum areas will be completely overhauled with the latest equipment and furnishings.

Dr. Charles Toledo, MedWest pediatrician, "parents to be will walk into a beautifully designed room that will be more comfortable, more like home for them."

Sara, "there's always nervousness that comes with it and being scared about it."

But greater peace of mind because of added technology.

Long-term plans call for MedWest Harris to have a "c-section" birthing suite.Rural Baby Care

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