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Speech Therapy

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
Some patients with voice trouble are getting a diagnosis and treatment quicker than ever. It all starts with a simple test that videos the vocal cords.

Steve Wilson hopes that allowing a small camera down his throat will determine why he's still hoarse months after his stroke.

The procedure at CarePartners, in Asheville, is called videostroboscopy. Typically, the test takes only a couple of minutes. The images, though, are displayed instantly.

Speech Pathologist at CarePartners, Patty Mabe-Parker, says "this gives us a visual tract image of what's really happening in structure and function of their vocal cords."

For Steve Wilson, the video images helped doctors confirm paralysis of his left vocal cord, while providing a path of treatment including voice therapy, and all because of videostroboscopy.

Wilson says without this method, he thinks his therapy could have  gone down the wrong track for some time.Speech Therapy

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