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Thyroid Troubles

Updated: Friday, December 6 2013, 11:18 AM EST
Fatigue, dry skin and weight gain aren't necessarily a natural part of aging.

As News 13's Jay Siltzer shows us, the problem may be your thyroid.

Malissa Gilliam, patient, "I've had thyroid disease, hypothyroidism, since I was around 18.  And over the years it's getting harder to manage I think."

Dr. Aysha Inankur, Park Ridge Endocrinologist, "hypothyroidism is estimated to affect 5 percent of the population. It's more common in older age groups, it typically causes fatigue, causes people to feel slowed down, drier skin, gain weight more easily." 

All issues Malissa has dealt with for 30 years, but too many others have ignored.

Malissa, "they think being tired is just a part of life when I think a lot of women need to have their thyroid checked."

On this day, the results are encouraging, medications and routine tests pay off with no signs of cancer.

To determine whether you need to see a doctor about your thyroid there is an online test you can take, just click here.Thyroid Troubles

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