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Too Much of a Good Thing

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:17 PM EDT
Taking some vitamins may cause more harm than good, especially if you take too much.

As News 13's Jay Siltzer shows us in today's Health Alert, one Asheville woman has learned that first-hand.

Judy Marr is learning to walk again, not due to an accident or injury, but because she took too many over-the-counter vitamins.

Judy, "I did this on my own after doing research and reading."

Here is how the problem all started: Judy began taking about 10 years ago 50 mgs of zinc every day to help with osteoarthritis and an auto-immune condition.

Steve Solana, DPT, CarePartners Physical Therapist, "in Judy's case, an over supplementation of zinc has caused a copper deficiency."

There has been some damage to the spinal cord involving spasticity in her legs, loss of sensation, difficulty walking, and in Judy's case it progressed to the point where she was unable to walk.

Now after being confined to a wheelchair since December, she is getting back on her feet.

"Currently, we are just working on balance, we are working on coordination and ambulation.  Sit to stands to make her more functional and independent in the home."

Bill Marr, Judy's husband, "it's hard to believe where she has come from to where she is today."

Judy, "I'm gonna go as far as a I can. I'm pretty healthy otherwise."

It turns out Judy's prescription medication, already provided her with enough zinc.

Health experts say check with your doctor before taking any over-the-counter supplements.Too Much of a Good Thing

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