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Trifecta Heart Valve

Updated: Tuesday, September 10 2013, 09:18 PM EDT
A heart valve replacement trial has more than passed the test at Mission Hospital.

As News 13's Jay Siltzer shows us in today's Health Alert, the Trifecta Valve is becoming more and more common.

"I think one thing about this valve is that it sounds like a regular valve."

A heart murmur was the first indication Harley Mangum needed heart valve replacement to improve blood pumping efficiency.  But it wasn't just any valve he received at Mission Hospital in Asheville, it was a Trifecta Valve in the trial stages.

Dr. Mark Groh, Asheville Heart, "by opening the way it does, it enhances the function of the valve.  It works as well as a natural valve."

Images show Harley's enlarged heart shrunk quickly.

Harley Mangum, patient, "after a while, I started getting my strength back and, before I knew it, I was feeling better than ever."

The Trifecta Valve is not very big, but it does have a wide opening, which doctors say it's even more crucial for women than men.

Dr. Groh, "most valves will open only only about 80 percent of what you sew it into, this valve opens 100 percent and that 20 percent is critical to getting women back to the activities they want to do."

And it's also been critical for Harley, "I've been working and staying active at the gym.  If I hadn't of had this surgery, I wouldn't be active at all couldn't be active at all. I might not even be here."

Doctors say Mission performs more Trifecta Valve valve replacements each year than any other center in North Carolina.

Typically, patients recover faster and may not ever require another valve.Trifecta Heart Valve

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