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Wanda's Warriors

Updated: Tuesday, December 10 2013, 10:30 PM EST
What happens when the person who provides care needs care?

As News 13's Jay Siltzer shows us in today's Health Alert, the answer is as simple as co-workers "riding to the rescue."

"They raised the bar on friendship."

Wanda Redmond can't thank her co-workers enough at CarePartners in Asheville, "I have a hard time sometimes just realizing the magnitude of what they did."

After learning about Wanda's cancer recurrence, Michelle Knight and Nina Snoddy raised money for their colleague by biking 524 miles across North Carolina.

Nina Snoddy, cyclist, "each push and pull with the pedal; I'd say a lot of that thinking went toward Wanda."

Michelle Knight, cyclist, "every time I started feeling like I couldn't ride another mile, I started thinking about Wanda going through her chemo."

Wanda, "my cancer is not curable but it is treatable. It is what it is.  I'm just going to live well and keep right on."

That is exactly what her friends did on their winding journey from Spuce Pine to Atlantic Beach, raising thousands of dollars for the veteran hospice nurse's medical expenses.

Michelle Knight, RN Hospice, "you just want to do something for someone like that; she's done so much for so many."

Wanda, "for me, I am the giver; it is sometimes hard being the receiver."

Especially when friends go to such lengths to reduce the sting of cancer.

By the way, the bike ride raised more some $9,000 for Wanda.Wanda's Warriors

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