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Western Carolina University Video Released

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
A positive psychotherapy video that will be used nationally has been created by students, faculty, and alumni from Western Carolina University.

The hour-long video uses mock sessions to help patients put positive psychotherapy skills into practice.

Forgiveness, optimism and appreciating small things are emphasized.

Dr. Russ Curtis, associate professor of counseling, "positive psychotherapy is not a philosophy, it's based on evidence based steps folks can take... So we've got research behind each of the steps we demonstrate in the video."

Katie Goetz, counselor, "I think the positive psychology skills are really important, and there are things we can help people implement individuals and groups. There's reading about them and there's being able to sit down with someone in an individual session show them how to do it."

The video was recently released by Alexander Street Press.Western Carolina University Video Released

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