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Back to School-Buncombe County

Updated: Monday, August 26 2013, 04:44 PM EDT
It was back to school today for students in Buncombe County, and some students are looking forward to their first homework assignment.

Ms. Humphreys is helping her kindergarteners put together a puzzle that goes along with the first book the students are reading in class.

For some of these children this is the first time in a classroom setting, so for them it's taking some time to fit in.

It's a first for their teacher too.  Last year Ms. Humphrey taught third grade at Johnston Elementary and this year she has kindergarteners...kindergarteners who are eager to learn!
These are only half of Ms. Humphrey's students, the other half will come to school tomorrow.  On Friday the entire kindergarten class will be together and eager to learn. Back to School-Buncombe County

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