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Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
There maybe as much as a 70 year age difference between them, but they still have fun together.

As you'll see in our never stop learning report, they get lots of exercise in the process.

Get a bunch of balloons and some noodles together and you've got an active for the young and old.

Summer campers with the Childcare Network on Sweeten Creek Road are playing a game with residents at Deerfield Retirement Community in Asheville.

The kids are visiting in hopes of helping the seniors with their morning exercise.

Although the game is simple it helps the residents with their motor skills and concentration.

And they aren't too bad either, the young ones were impressed.        

Tired players get punch and cookies and believe me there were plenty of folks who who were tired after the 30 minute game.

The kids spent a little time talking with the residents and they even made them some artwork. Deerfield Visit

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