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A Second Language

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
You could safely say Johnston Elementary School is a melting pot, 14 differently nationalities are represented at the school.

One third of the student body takes part in the "English as a Second Language Program " or ESL, each day the students spend time learning English and reading comprehension.

These third graders started the ESL program in kindergarten, many of them only knowing one or two words in English.

They've come a long way in their language growth, and so have these first graders.

This morning they're practicing their prepositions.

Students say they're proud of themselves and are now good enough to teach others.

At Johnston Elementary School they celebrate their differences.

This Thursday there's going to be a muli-cultural night from 5:30pm to 7pm, there will be lots of food and plenty of dancing.A Second Language

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