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Appalachian Festival

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
Students celebrate their heritage and experience days gone by.

In this Never Stop Learning report, we take part in an Appalachian Festival.

It's a sing along at Weaverville primary school.

Balladeer Shelia Kay Adams is teaching these first graders a song that's been sung in the Appalachians since before the Civil War.

In the gym they race for coal and how it was used to heat homes many years ago.

Down the hall presenter Rick Moorehead showed the kids how to use goose and crow feathers to write with.

Students say it was a great way to learn about their heritage.

Presenters from the Thomas Wolfe house were on hand to show the kids how to really wash some clothes.

The first graders thought it was fun at first and then realized, it was quite a chore!Appalachian Festival

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