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Asheville PALS

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
They are the Asheville "PALS" and they teach young people about the importance of fire and life safety.

The 30 minute program keeps the kids moving and motivated to do the right thing.

" don't you know we're not suppose to play with matches? Lighters and matches are tools not toys."

Not playing with matches, just one of the safety messages these Asheville fire fighters are trying to teach students at Haw Creek Elementary school.

The "prevention and life safety team", or Asheville PALS put on a performance  at area elementary schools twice a year.

Firefighters say by repeating the message they hope the information  really sinks in.

Kelley Klope, Asheville Fire Department, "we have a fire safety trailer that we bring into the schools, so we deliver a lot of the same messages, so we repeat ourselves throughout the year and a lot of the messages we teach the kids we hope they take home and educate their parents as well so it's a family event."

The fire fighters even talk about the importance of safety when camping  
They even invited Smokey Bear to join them to help spread the message.Asheville PALS

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